Monday, February 28, 2011

Tale of 2 titties

A New Me!
By the time you read this blog, I will no longer be me. I will no longer be the huge breasted woman that I have been over the past 3 decades. I will be perky, ‘smaller’, and new. I am getting a breast reduction on March 2, 2011.

I am going to take the readers through my journey of my new lease on life. It isn’t a new lease where I am close to death and by some miracle get another chance, this is my new lease where I have been carrying around my 44H breasts which I am sure weigh 30 lbs each. It will be like getting 2 15 lb bags of potatoes removed from hanging around my neck for years. I am so excited I could burst.

First I want to give you some background on my decision. I have a friend that had the surgery years ago, and never regretted the decision. I have always wanted to, but was afraid to have them reduced uncase I would not look uncoordinated. I am a “heavy set” woman, only 5 feet tall, and was afraid that if I reduced the size of my breasts I would look like a pear. It wasn’t until I saw a picture of me at Christmas where I realized that the size of my breasts, made me appear more matronly. It didn’t matter the quality of my bra, I still was massive, hanging, and repulsive.

I was fortunate enough to get a new Doctor in my area, and when she was going over my history, asked me if I had a mammogram recently. I advised her I did, and next time I was going to take scissors, and snip them off! She asked me why, did I want a reduction? Did I! I asked “aren’t I too old?” her response was “No, I have patients in their 70’s” I said ‘absolutely, how soon can we book it?” She explained to me that if I was planning to lose weight, that I should get aggressive now, because when I get my “perky breasts, I won’t want to lose any weight from them”...I said “PERKY? I have never in my life had perky breasts!”

My doctor and I discussed the back pain, the neck pain, the headaches that I have been suffering since I was a teenager. Due to these problems, the surgery was covered by OHIP. It was about 2 weeks later, I received a call from the surgeons office. A few weeks after that, I met with the surgeon, who was the most professional, patient, empathetic Doctor I had ever met. He explained how the surgery was done, and what I should expect and explained that couldn’t go too small, but from my 44H, could take me to a 44D or 44C. That was almost 7 sizes!

As you probably noticed, I am an open book, I share with everyone. I posted it on Facebook, I Twittered about it. I discovered that there were many other women in my office that had the same surgery! These women were very discrete, and when I saw them after their surgery, I just thought they looked great, may have lost weight or something. One girl that I had never met in the office emailed me, she had the same surgeon, and she was so happy with him and her results. She was a 38K! She was so happy for me, as all the others that had the reduction were, and told me that I will be ecstatic with the results.

Each one of these woman however, did warn me there would be a lot of pain. I’m not afraid of pain, I have had 2 caesareans, laparoscopy, numerous colonoscopies...I even had stitches on my nose and chin without freezing...I can handle it. To be honest with you I have to keep reminding myself that the pain is just part of the process, and I will deal with it when it happens, and it won’t last forever, and I will have painkillers, and I will no longer suffer from headaches and I’m ok with that.

It is funny that each story that I have heard from others varied. One person said it was horrific, like nothing they have ever experienced in their life. One said it hurt a lot, but it was do’able. Another said although the pain was bad, the result made up for it...but each and every one of them said that “the only thing they regret, was that they waited so long to have it done!”

Because this is serious surgery, it takes approximately 2 ½ hours in the operating room and 1 hour in recovery and a one night stay...there is a lot of pre-op work. My new wonderful Doctor had a breathing test done (I have asthma) and had an echocardiogram done on my heart, and then I had to go to the hospital to have blood work, ECG, interview with the Nurse to go over paperwork; discuss all meds that I take, allergies, reactions to anesetic, and then I met with the Anesthesiologist who pretty much decides whether or not you are a risk. So yesterday I completed all the steps, now I just have to keep germ free so I don’t get a cold or anything that would delay the surgery.

I was told to bring my old bra because I will be wearing it after the surgery due to swelling and bandages, so I went and purchased one that did up the front to make it easier to open and close. I was told I may have drainage tubes, and there will be pain. There they went with that pain again!

So by the time you read this, I will have already had the surgery, and God willing, I will report to you all on how the surgery went, and give you an update on the pain...and the results.