Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Every time the lottery is over 5 million, I find it necessary to buy a lottery ticket. I usually avoid buying them for 3 reasons;
1. if it is under 5 million it isn't enough - I could spend that on a weekend.
2. I get too excited when I have a ticket and I get let down, in fact shattered when I don't win anything.
3. It is a waste of money cause I know I am not going to win.

It is true, I get so excited when I get a ticket, I actually try not to look at the numbers because I feel I will jinx myself, or if I put it in a particular pocket in my wallet, it will be bad luck, or the store I purchase it from. For some reason I feel it necessary to purchase it from a store where there was already a huge winning. Not sure why I think that way, because lightening doesn't strike twice...but with all the voodoo, and omens and good luck/bad luck and obsessive compulsive disorder tactics, I still haven't won.

I usually lay in bed at night and make plans with my winnings, and what I would do first (this again could be hexing it), I wonder if I should go buy my dad a new Cadillac and drive it to my parents house and surprise him. Should I just go to a travel agent and book a trip for the entire family to rally in Bahamas and make plans. I know that I would give a lot of the winnings away to family and friends. Perhaps buy Sarah's Country House here in Creemore. I decided I would give my house I have now to someone that is in need. Take my mother to Europe. Take my daughter and her friends to Disney maybe Disney in Europe. Not sure if I want Hummer or a sports car. I am torn on whether to buy a house in Arizona, or a house in Muskoka...maybe I'll buy both.

It is amazing how much time you spend - spending your winnings, that you haven't actually won- but now that you planned it- you know you jinxed it- so why bother, but it is fun kind of thing!

I do know 2 things are for sure

1. that I will look after my friends and family
2. I am throwing away my alarm clock (for that much money I can afford to hire the Sham Wow Guy to wake me up in the morning (You are gunna love my nuts!)

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