Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

One question that I find very thought provoking is 'if you could spend a day with 5 people alive or dead, who would they be?'

1. Oprah
I love Oprah. She is smart, she seems very real, and she knows so many people and has been so many places that picking her brain would be exciting. First I would ask her if she is gay, and if her BFF Gayle is really her lovaaaa! Stedman usually is only around for fancy dressed balls, and you never see him any other time. You never see her travelling with him, but her and Gayle to road trips and travel to Paris last summer. Not that I care, but I just want to know. Secondly I would ask her why she only opened a school for girls in Africa...don't the boys need education too! I'd probably ask her for a loan, and hang out with her and Gayle, because I think she is really funny.

2. Stephanie Meyer
I love Stephanie...because of course she thought up Edward Cullen all by herself. I would like to pick her brain and get some help with my query letter for a literary agent...actually maybe she can hook me up with a literary agent.

3. My Son
He is so busy with making a life for his new family and I never get to see him and spend quality one on one time together. It sounds very needy and sad, but we were so close when he was growing up, while I was a single mother, and now he is an adult with his own son and works long hours, and I miss him.

4. Seth McFarland
Because he is my idol. He can do anything, sing, dance, write, make me laugh and nothing is sexier than than someone that can make you laugh...giggity giggity!

5. Sarah Richardson
I want her to come and be my bff and decorate my house for free. Her and Tommy!

1. Audrey Hepburn
She is the epitome of class and beauty. I need some lessons. I saw her interviewed years ago, and she didn't say a one bad thing about any of her co-stars. To her everyone was a charming, lovely person. I want to learn how to do that. She wouldn't say shit if her mouth was full of it!
2. My Grandpa
He died with I was 8 and I miss him to this day. I swear he visits me in my dreams, and we talk and then he says he has to go, we hug - I don't panic, I'm not sad. I wake up so serene. I want to talk to him awake and learn about him and what it was like growing up in his era.
3. Jesus
Because I want to know the truth, and who would be the one person that has to tell the truth...Jesus. I want to know what the hell happened, why, and what is going to happen and if there is any truth to the 2012 rumour! I want to chat about heaven, and if there is one. Sooo many questions, maybe one evening isn't long enough!
4. Walt Disney
I want to pick his brain, and find out where he gets these amazing ideas and how he can dream so big and create something as amazing as Disneyland or Disney World. I am hoping his genius rubs off on me...and while I'm at it I want to get the truth on whether or not he was the bigot he was made out to be. I can't believe a man with such vision and created the happiest place on earth would be one! I need to know!!
5. Marilyn Munroe
I need to know what happened. I am nosy and I need to know if she actually overdosed or if she was murdered. I also read that she was very smart, and she was very funny and I would love to chat, maybe do makeovers, do our nails, and just have a girls night!
After you read this blog, think about it...who would be the people you would like to spend an evening with....hmmmm


  1. Wait a tic..... you want to be BFF's with Sarah... or is it just to use her mind??? These are very interesting people and I must concur with you that it would be an enjoyable and enlighting experience to spend the day with these folks.
    And about your son, he is a very lucky man to have such a loving and caring mother like you!!

  2. sniff...thanks...and concur...using new words now eh? good for you...I wish my son realized it. Maybe when I am dead and gone, he will realized what a good mommy I was!

  3. ya I figured that I would pull out my thesaurus and impress my BFF Blog writer......

  4. obviously, I wanted to use my thesaurus with all the dust on it!