Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I work in a call center, and speak to an average of 50 to 60 people everyday. I speak to many very obnoxious and irate people, condescending people, some very stupid people, but sometimes I speak to some amazing, inspiring people.

I have spoken to numerous people that have cancer, and I am astonished by their courage and positive energy. I have so many stories to tell...but the story about Steve and his family and his dying mother has motivated me this Christmas.

Steve lived in Alberta. His family still lived in Nova Scotia, and his mother who was in her 90's was very sick. His brother Bobby called Steve in early November and told him that he was afraid his mother wasn't going to make it to Christmas, but she was determined to make it to Christmas, even though her weary body was starting to fail her.

Steve and Bobby came up with an idea. They decided that all the family in Nova Scotia would get together, pretend it was Christmas. The only constant in Mother's life, was that her sisters would visit her every Friday. Steve suggested to have the sisters visit more than once a week, this would confuse mother, and she would believe it was Christmas.

Unfortunately because it was still November, Steve couldn't get time off work to travel to Nova Scotia, so he was there in spirit! The rest of the family arrived in their Sunday best, carrying their gifts, cookies, cakes. The turkey was in the oven. The tree was decorated, the stockings hung. It was a pretend Christmas in November, perfectly choreographed.

After dinner when Bobby helped his mother to her room for a nap, she said to him "That was a wonderful Day Bobby, I know it isn't Christmas, but I appreciate the effort!

Later that night, Bobby called Steve to give him an update on how the day went. Bobby didn't want to let on to Steve that Mom knew it wasn't Christmas. Then he looked out the front window. "What is it Bobby?" Steve asked. He could hear his brother crying. His brother was "tougher than tar paper"...what would make him cry?

"Steve, you aren't going to believe this. I'm looking out into the street, and every single neighbour, everyone in this town has their Christmas lights on....everyone decorated for Christmas early because I told them our plan to have an early Christmas to trick mom, and the entire town has decorated to support us!

When Steve told me the story I had chills. This story made me realize that the world is a good place, that we hear a lot of the bad things going on everyday, but very rarely hear the good stories.

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