Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 avenue to talk about's all about me....and nobody can tell me to shut up! First you are probably wondering why my blog is called Tread Softly, carry a big stick! No idea! I was trying to be clever, and was thinking about life, and that is one thing I remember my Grandfather used to say. Not that he was wise, he was usually drunk (fun drunk) and used to tell us when we went for a walk when up at the cottage, that we should 'tread softly and carry a big stick, just in case there are bears out there! He also would stay things like "Open the door for me Richard...but don't close it on me dick!"

Secondly, I am sure you are wondering why there is a picture of Sharon Stone as my profile picture...well, does it count that I took her picture with me when I went to the salon for a haircut? I may not look like Sharon, but I have her coiff.

I suppose that I should make this blog have a purpose rather than blather away. I have numerous random thoughts in a day, usually stupid thoughts, thoughts that you wouldn't expect a 52 year old woman think...I usually post these ridiculous thoughts on Shia Labeouf the name, not the is a funny sounding name..shya laboof...shya laboof. Other things that are random and not really thought provoking...but I giggle childishly when I watch Law and Order and they say 'heinous"...."In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York, the dedicated detectives who investigate these felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit...these are their stories" snicker...snicker...tee hee hee.

Other things that make me laugh uncontrollably are farts...omg...they are funny. Especially when someone is walking and farting at the same time...People tripping, especially if they don't actually fall and they look behind them like there was something there that was in the way and made them trip. I am very immature, and find when I see someone with their fly down...pfffhahaha that is hilarious! Three stooges stuff makes me laugh. Large moles (I have one don't get offended) but when you see someone like Uncle Buck flipping the principal a quarter to have a rat knaw that thing off...or Austin Powers staring at the mmmmmoooolllle...molley, molley...and then poking it with a that is funny shit!

Well, I don't want to take your entire evening up reading my I will try to think of something more interesting to blog about tomorrow....


  1. This should be a funny and interesting read as I know that you are the "mistress of words"!! and something I will look forward to each day.... but let me tell you again don't put your favorite effing pic of me or I will kick you square in the box!<3

  2. This was the highlight of my day ! I was sitting here laughing at my desk, all by myself remembering Nibs saying those words of wisdom , along with lovely and green. Perhaps those words of wisdom will compliment your post one day! If I am honoured, your blog posts will be featured in my Newspaper as My Blog poster! thanks Lauren, you bring me smiles!

  3. hmmmmm my last thought before I go to bed..... when are you going to write something about me?