Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010

As you know by now, I have an extremely strange sense of humour, some would say childish, but if you didn't you wouldn't be reading my blog!!! You won't be experiencing literary genius, but it will entertain you...with that being said, and before I carry on with another day of my blog, I wanted to point out one more word that makes me giggle....Uranus....yes, it is a planet...but also a very funny word. It can be used many times for example...someone would say to you "did you see the moon tonight, it is so beautiful" and you say "that's Uranus"....someone could say "look at all the stars!" you say "that's Uranus". Enough is a funny word.

Most of you know that I have a long commute to work. It is 45 minutes each way. It isn't considered long if it was in the city because of traffic, it is just 45 minutes of country driving. I may not have to deal with traffic jams, but I have my own obstacles to deal with.

Winter I have to deal with snow and their farm equipment on the highway going 5 mph (wtf is up with that, like pull over, get the hell out of the way!). I have in the last year missed 3 deer on 3 separate occasions....and I'm talkin' huge honkin' deer with the antlers..not cute Bambi deer. These deer have huge fangs, and pointed antlers...scarey...I have avoided racoons, and I have hit racoons.

Actually, it is kinda a funny story...last spring I was driving home and a small racoon ran in front of me..being an 'excellent driver" (Rainman) I managed to manuver the car expertly, around the little critter. I was thinking to myself, 'wow, I am like Andretti, without hitting the brakes, I manuvered around that little racoon, thinking 'I wonder if the guy behind me was as impressed with my 'excellent driving skills' .....About 2 miles later, and huge racoon ran out...I experty sweared and manuvered, but this time the freakin' racoon kept coming, he didn't stop and cover his eyes like the first one... and thump. So much for my cockiness of being an 'expert driver' and the guy behind me looked a little pisst!

Nothing in my driving experience prepared me for what happened yesterday...about 20 minutes away from home, and small green car pulled out of their driveway in front of me. There was no one a mile in front of me or behind confused me why he pulled in front of me, when if he waited 5 seconds, he could have pulled out behind me...I had to hit the breaks...then he was on the wrong side of the road, then back over to his side (lucky there was no one around coming the other direction) and then hit the side of the road, and swerved back onto the road.

I was nervous and pulled back because I thought he was impaired and was an accident away from killing himself and me..then suddenly I noticed something. I couldn't believe my eyes! This guy had his window rolled down, and was driving with his head hanging out of the window to see where he was going! This moron couldn't take 30 seconds of his morning to scrape the frost off his windshield. Just turned the car on, rolled down the window and drove like Ace Ventura. When we got the the stop sign I was able to get a good look at this loser. There he was, with his arm hanging out the window balancing his pointed little head while it looked both ways before pulling out onto the highway!

I watch in awe and he manouvered and manipulated his car while he drove the highway by memory. In a way I was impressed, that he was comfortable enough to go over 100 kph and not being able to see where he was another way I wanted to get closer to his car to write down his licence plate number, but if I did that I would have had to put my blackberry down!

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