Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

As much as I enjoy funny words, I really, truly, absolutely hate some words, and I also really, truly, absolutely hate the misuse of words! Granted we all make typos or spelling mistakes, but when I see an entire paragraph with consistant spelling errors, it drives me nuts!

My cousin Nancy and I used to giggle everytime we heard the word 'moist'. It is a gross word. 'that cake is moist'...ewwwa 'ummm, your meatloaf is really moist!'...omg it's obsene. I hate the word 'Yield'...yyyyeeeeld. I don't know why, it just pisses me off when I hear that word.

Using the word 'seen' without a helper is just wrong. I hear it every day, sometimes from well educated people and it grates my 'I seen you downstairs at the coffee shop' Doesn't that seem wrong when you say it?...or 'I seen him at the coffee shop'...'I seen in the paper that he was arrested for robbing a bank'. 'I seen the movie' ok...'I HAVE seen the movie'......'I saw Uranus'.....stuff like that...there is no excuse for that.

Another faux pas is making up words as you go along...and then generations carry the word on as if it is an actual favourite is 'pritnear'! I am not sure how to spell it, because it isn't actually a real word, but living in the country, I hear it a lot. eg: 'There is pritnear 10 inches of snow out there'...or 'My son is pritnear as tall as I am"...or 'the sky is so clear tonight, I can pritnear see Uranus!"

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  1. Well said!! and I pritnear pee'd my pants with the last paragraph!