Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27, 2009

Earth day today, made me think of a lot of things that have changed over the generations. Now for an hour tonight we are supposed to turn the lights out! I missed it completely last year, probably watching TV, will all the lights were on in the house and the dryer was going with 2 items in it!

I was born in the late 50's. Life was very simple. We had a TV, only black and white, and usually nothing on TV in the mornings when we got up wanting to watch cartoons. The only thing that was on early was Hercules! It was never my favourite cartoon, but there was nothing else on. 'Here he comes Herc, here comes Daedalus"...some reason Newton has to repeat everything. Herc hid a magical ring in his belt and when he needed strength he would put it on his finger and raise it to Zeus to give him strength...that was the 1950's version of 'Precious'.(Lord of the Rings)

We didn't have a remote to change channels or turn up the volume, didn't need one because there was no such thing as satellites or cable, and we had maybe 3 channels. After the 11:00 news there was no programming, just a channel symbol that played a high pitched note...probably to remind anyone that fell asleep watching TV to go to bed!

Later on in the 60's we were bless with Davey and was a 60's rendition of Gumby and Pokey, except there was a moral lesson at the end to affirm the kids faith in God! I don't remember any of the episodes except that the dog (Goliath) could take and always said "HEY DAVVVEY". The dog was the wise one...who knew!

Things were lax in the 50's and 60's...when we went on family vacations, my mother would pack a trunk with every ones stuff, and then we would all shove the seat belts down behind the seat because they used to stick in our back during the long drive to the cottage. Mom made us roll up our windows while her and dad smoked, because it would blow their ashes all over! How did we survive?

My dad drove us to Yorkville one day in the 60's to see the Hippies! Drug smoking, acid dropping, freaks of nature. He wanted us to see what happens if you don't go to school, and what happens to you when you smoke dope! I was terrified. These long haired drug smoking, acid dropping freaks of nature just sat there cross legged, singing, and having Love In's and 'chillin'. How many dope smokers do you see actually physically active? They were all just fried, sitting there after smoking a big fatty, enjoying peace and love. Make love not war. Love the one you are with. Hell no, we won't go. Drop acid not bombs. Dropping bombs for peace is like f*&^ing for virginity. Flower Power.

Now Yorkville is trendy! The price of homes and condos are unattainable, except for the pot smoking, acid dropping millionaires who bought all the property in the 60's, and are now retired on a beach in Jamaica, smoking pot, dropping acid, and lovin' the one their with!

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