Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

I never really know what I am going to blog about until I start. Today I am going to give all of my readers a list of what I hate, then tomorrow, I will give you a list of things I like or love...maybe, if I can thing of more than 2 things!

I Hate - by Lauren Harrington

1. I absolutely hate the song Flintstone, I can make your Bed Rock...the start...Gak Gak Gak Gak...Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock! I can't believe that Lil' Wayne hasn't got a massive law suit against him from Hanna Barbara for this one. Kids are the ones that find this song so amusing, and they are singing the lyrics, not having a clue what it means...I mean wtf! Google the words, they are disgusting! I don't even want to quote any on my blog, it will just make it 'dirty' pfffhahaha

2. I hate Miley Cyrus. She is 17, and acts like she is 30. She is a precocious, bucked toothed, over acting prema-donna, who thinks she is experienced enough to give American Idols advice on how to sing.

3. I hate violence in movies. I prefer HG TV where there is no car races, fighting, racial slurs, blood or guts. It there is a show where they are stressed or arguing about renovations, I change the channel. I hate seeing people arguing, that is probably why I don't like Survivor or other reality shows. I just feel like I should jump in there and try to defend the underdog.

4. I hate Mike Holmes. As per #3, I find him annoying, and condesending. Big man insulting other trades handy work. Granted some of the work is a mess, but he finds fault in everything. "aa, we'll have to rip this down...oh my God, what were they thinking, they can't put up insulation without waterproofing, they can't have live wires hanging out like this"...He is a male version of Miley, precocious, buck toothed, over acting prema-donald.

5. I hate rude people. There is no reason why people cannot use manners. We are all sharing the same world, and it would be a better place to be if we all treated each other with a little respect. Please, thank you, excuse me, sweet nibbletts get off the road!

6. I hate the word moist.

7. I hate body odour. How hard is it to shower/bathe, use soap, deordorant (I can spell it can't say it) and wash your clothes. I walk by some people, and it is whooosh...a breeze of they not smell themselves, doesn't their loved ones notice? Wouldn't it be prudent to say "Hey Jack, you really smell...or even pick Jack up some soap and deordorant and leave it on his dresser...or spray fabreeze every time he comes in a room, he'll get the hint!"

8. I hate the winter when it is dark out. If I lived in Nunavut I would move. They have 4 hours of sunlight in the winter! However they do have 20 hours per day in the the summer it is a balmy -15 to 15 degrees.... I also hate, that in the winter when you open your car door, and it doesn't matter how well you cleaned your car off, a gust of snow blows in on your seat!

9. I hate liars. Some people just talk to hear themselves, and continue with lies because their life is so boring that they need to lie about it. Some people lie about things to cover their ass like "I finished my homework" but then there are some people that lie about absolutely nothing important like "I just got a new job and I'm making a kajillion dollars an hour" or "I just bought a red dress!" I don't care if this person bought a red dress, and not sure why they would lie about it. Then a few days later you would say "Let me see your red dress?" and they would say "I don't have a red dress....oh ya, I...washed it, ya, and then it shrunk so i took it back!" Why do people lie. I have no respect for liars.

10. Finally I hate...hating. I really don't like concentrating on things I hate, and actually it took me a while to figure out 10 things I actually hate. I think that only reason I blogged about hating things is because I really, really hate that Bed Rock song...and it got me on a rant...that and the buck toothed prima donna.

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  1. hmmmm 'hate' strong word, my Mum used to yell at me when I said that! It ranked up there with the word Liar! hahahah, you used both of them! I love it! I HATE Miley, Mike Holmes , and come to think of it all of the same things as you! You forgot people with halitosis though, that is one of my hates. You are the best blogger in the whole wide world! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!