Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st, 2010

Being April 1st, I was reflecting on jokes and some jokes I played on friends, and jokes that friends played on me. I am not a fan of practical jokes, and I can never keep a straight face when I am trying to pull a joke off. I even texted 3 friends today to tell them I was pregnant, and they didn't fall for it....My BFF told me that my tubes are 'petrified' in forest! The others just replied "ya, sure biatch!"

I have some favourite jokes, however they aren't blog material...and as I mentioned before immature things make me laugh harder than any sophisticated humour. Farts, people tripping, anything that makes someone look like a fool, which is sad. Once a friend of mine put charcoal on the eye piece of binoculars..then gave it to another 'friend' and told him to check out something in the field. Of course when the person took the binoculars off their eyes there was a black ring around their eyes and they had no idea and it was hilarious! The victim kept looking at us laughing "what? there isn't anything out there...what?" (I'm chuckling now as I am typing this). Why does it have to be something humiliating for someone else to make it funny? It could be physically humiliating or even mentally humiliating eg: blonde jokes!

Sticking post it notes to some one's back is always a giggle, especially if they say 'kick me' or 'I am a simple person'. I took a picture of the crack of my hand between my thumb and finger, close up with my cell phone and sent it to my friend...she to this day swears it is my butt! (try it).

I farted in my cubicle at work, and called my BFF over "what" she said "com'mer, I have to show you something" and I waved her over...she pops over, puts her head in my cubicle and BAM...."awww biatch....." Pffffhahaha I laughed for about an hour. Sometimes I would just fart in my cubicle and then aim my fan over to waft over to her area...she would be working away, and I'd watch the change of her expression...then she would look at me laughing at her "awwww man, you are sick" she'd scream, but I know it was as funny to her as it was to me! Happy days!

Once while in the lunch room at work, I helped myself to some free timbits left in the kitchen. I took a powdered donut, but before I ate it I dusted the white powder on my nose! I went out the the reception...(forgot to mention I was fairly new with the company and didn't know the receptionist very well)...and I said "Hey Barb...who brought the donuts?" Looking serious, straight faced..holding the timbit box up. She looked up at me. She could see the white power all over my nose. At first she looked confused, the wheels were turning. She wasn't sure if I was snorting coke in the lunch room or I'm a very messy eater...but she didn't flinch..then she said "I don't know!" and looked back to her computer screen. I burst out laughing...she didn't know what to think...I explained what I did, and we giggled about that almost everyday. I asked her later when we knew each other better, why she didn't tell me about the power on my nose...she said she didn't know what to say!

Like the person with toilet paper hanging out the back of their pants. Are you the kind of person that would tell someone or let them wander around a restaurant, strutting like they are hot sh$%, with cottonelle flapping in the wind? ('cuse the pun) I tell people..but usually after I laugh at them for 5 minutes or so, then I feel bad and tell them...ewwa...that is really gross.

So to me April Fools it a waste of time, I can humiliate someone easily, gross them out, even shock them, laugh at them tripping, but to make something up, and keep a straight face and then claim "April Fools!" to me is difficult.


  1. I love this, YOU make me laugh, YOU make me smile and You make my heart sing. I think the world needs more like YOU.... then again, are they ready? to know you, is to love you! xo

  2. lol...I thought it was a bit riske with the farting...thanks you are my best critic

  3. very good read, I did laugh out loud with the farting in cubicle.... I wonder if Christa got pink eye from you shating air in her space? and the girl on the other side must of thought "WTF was that noise?"