Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

Everybody is saying that T word again. I don't even want to type his freakin' name because I am so sick of it. I am so sick of the publicity that cheaters get. Jessie James, Tiger Woods (Oops I said it out loud) and Jude Law, Huge Grant, David Duchovny...they are all cheaters. They all were cheating on their wives. They are all featured on entertainment shows, and on every channel I turn to. Even the highest paid publicist couldn't get that much press for them.

I was cheated on by my first husband. I have no pity for these men. What were they thinking? Ok, the thrill of it all, but do you have to sleep with 15 of them. I am just as disgusted with the women who have come forward admitting to have slept with "T" than "T" himself! If I slept with a celebrity, and found out that I was one of many, especially if I thought our 'affair' was special...that last thing I would do would come out and say "Hey, I was sloppy 10ths".

Remember way back when Eddy Murphy was caught picking up a hooker, and turned out to be a man in drag. He was caught in his car with his pants down with a transvestite, and it wasn't for his/her 'verbal' oral skills. Do you think that if you were that rich, and you had a hankering for another woman, that you wouldn't have to pay for it? There are fans out there that would 'do' a celebrity for free! Not to mention in your car! Why not get a hotel, or even rent a Winnebago!

When Hugh Grant got caught with Divine Brown, who was a hooker, he didn't bother getting a hotel, they were caught doing the nasty in his car. The police were notified because the brake lights on his car were going on and off alerting passing police to investigate. Kinda like a Morris Code for "intense or paroxysmal excitement" (Google that BFF).

When you look at the wives who these 'celebrities' cheated on, what could possibly be going through the cheater's minds. Their wives are stunning, loving, talented women who could have anyone in the world. These women are going to take 1/2 of all your earnings since you were married....was a 'quicky' in your car worth millions or billions of dollars? Then, like David Duchovny, Tiger Woods (oops said it again) and Jess James, they were caught red handed, and because they can't deny what they did, they claim it is sex addiction!

I am sympathetic to addictions. Seeing someone that is addicted to heroin or coke, or an alcoholic it heart wrenching. I pray for them and their rehabilitation...but seriously. What did they call it years ago when Clark Gable or Spencer Tracey was caught fooling around on their wives..they had to buck up and face the music. Now there is a disease for being deceitful! You can justify ruining the lives of your loved ones by saying you are addicted to sex. I don't know a man who isn't addicted to sex, it is just something called integrity that stops them from doing it.


  1. googled it and thanks for that!

  2. yep, I was cheated on too, not only with the boyfriend, but him doing the nasty with my best friend! ...then again, I went out with a transvestite LOL and not the sweet one from the rocky horror picture show! I really don't care what happens in other peoples beds or backseats, I get tired of listening to it over and over like nothing better or more newsworthy happened that day. Then again, I get a little worn listening to the Global news anchor Leslie Roberts warn us of impending doom over drinking orange juice or the toxin of the day! love your bloggin's!

  3. You dated a transvestite??? wtf!!!!

  4. ya what she said WTF???? AWK-WARD